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Children's umbrella new design safety

  • Author:Elaine
  • Release on:2022-04-21
Every child is the heart of parents, but children always grow up, from learning to walk, always independent.

And having a small umbrella of your own is the best medium to take the first step.

So in the choice of children's umbrella, need to pay attention to every detail need to be carefully studied.

After looking for a long time, I finally found this umbrella, which really avoids all the concerns of parents.

1. Rounded corners

It is the nature of children to be lively and playful, and there is nothing wrong with it at ordinary times,
but if they are holding an umbrella in their hands,it is not the same. Many umbrellas have regular, pointy ends,

and even round ones can be painful to poke in a fight.If one accidentally pokes an important part like the eye,
the consequences can be disastrous. With this in mind,our kiddie umbrella has a beadless tail, rounded corners,

no sharp parts and no pain when hit.A large rounded corner is much bigger than an eye, and there is no risk of sticking it in the eye.

2. The angel ring

In rainy weather, or at night, it is easy to lose sight of the situation in front of the vehicle when driving under poor light,

resulting in traffic accidents. Our children's umbrella has added a whole circle of reflective band on the outer ring of the fan,

so that the driver can see the situation ahead even at a rainy night with a distance of 100 meters, ensuring safety.

3. Good quality, good umbrella

As a children's umbrella, wind resistance, pressure resistance, quality are very important,

this umbrella inside all the umbrella bones have been reinforced. Weight is also very light,

the whole umbrella weight is only 310g, and the weight of an apple, 3-13 years old can be used, not afraid of lifting.

The child grows up slowly day by day, the parents always want to let the child learn to grow by themselves,

and have a small umbrella that belongs to oneself, is the best start.

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